Dye For Hue. 


It was my never my dream to become a fashion designer. Not even an entrepreneur. But it’s actually happening now. Wooh right? 


I am currently doing a business with my teammates who are also in the track of fashion technology. Everything we do in enterprise planning is critical. We do a lot of planning and creating ideas and innovations because entrepreneurship is all about that jizz. An entrepreneur not just innovates, but also solves a problem. 

The first product line we’ve come up was the FIlipino textiles into modern streetwear. But since past students have already done that before, our advisers have foreseen that it wouldn’t be marketable and feasible considering that it would cost a lot of money plus it’s more highly be in specialty shops not in the real market. So we screw that plan and researched. We stumbled upon Philippine Textile Research Institute website, and saw a lot of the research technologies that they’ve done. PTRI develops and create textile method processes that are some what old but they’re very Filipino and eco-friendly. 

So, we contacted and emailed them, had a talk with the director, and to cut the story short, we had a training for two days.There’s just the four of us who drove to Taguig, second year college students, doesn’t even know where it’s actually located. Talk about independency there guys. Achievement unlocked!

Basically, the training we did was the natural dyeing transfer. You extract natural plants, like coconut husks, talisay leaves and such and turn it into a dye. It doesn’t harm the environment unlike other usual chemicals that goes on your clothes. And these natural raw materials are usually just thrown away, and so plus plus for product cost right? Agree with me. 

All our mobilization and product manufacturing, marketing strategies has been quite smooth considering that we’re four in the group. 

We really wanted something that is not just stylish and Forever 21/Cotton On looking products, but also something that the people can afford.


Skater Dress Prototype from Coconut Dye by Dye For Hue

We thought that the whole process would be really hard but it turned out pretty easy and well. We’ve planning to create streetwear clothing, that’s more likely be marketable for young people, including mens wear. (My teammate has a very androgynous style.) 


Sketch fail, I know. (Watercolor in paper)

I’m just really excited how the whole business will turn out! I’m excited about the product line we’re gonna do, the manufacturing and the actual selling. Our team has received a lot of compliments about the business line, including the chairperson of our course. (Which is also I think is a bad thing because they’d be really expecting a lot from us.) It’s going to be mostly plans and tons of papers, but I’m definitely looking forward to it. 

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  1. My parents named me Sam, so that it would still sound sweet even if they’re having a sermon session with me. And Alexandra, tough-sounding name, thus contrasting the name Sam. ‘Sam Alexandra' - bittersweet. 
  2. I hate being mistaken/called Samantha. That’s just not my name. 
  3. I am currently taking Entrepreneurship Minor in Fashion Technology in Miriam College. 
  4. When I was 5, I got hit by a motor tricycle. 
  5. I’m not a sickly person, but I am anemic (low blood), I have blackouts most of the time, and my nose bleeds at least almost every month. And that’s just a normal thing. 
  6. I love anything spicy and chili. 
  7. I grew up with boys. All of my cousins are boys, my siblings are boys. I was always one of the boys. Hold that thought because I grew up normally. 
  8. I take my camera with me wherever I go. I seize every moment, critical or just breath taking. I love taking pictures. (Go here if you’re sassy! http://www.ilpittoresco.tumblr.com)
  9. I was bullied back in grade school. 
  10. Potterhead. Guilty.
  11. I don’t like it when things are unplanned or some event don’t happen accordingly as planned. 
  12. I am kuripot
  13. I belong to a huge family of singers and choir members.
  14. The first time I started blogging was in 2009, I was 12. 
  15. I have a boyfriend, surprise surprise. He’s my first (I’m also his first), and hopefully my last. 
  16. The two musical instruments I play are guitar and ukulele
  17. I can finish one season of a television series in a week. 
  18. Internet junkie. 
  19. People’s first impression of me is masungit or maldita
  20. I am both a morning and night person. 
  21. I grew up in Born Again Christian Family.
  22. I like anything floral print.
  23. I eat in bowls. It’s comforting!
  24. I love travelling through long car rides.
  25. I sing everyday, all my life. Not a day goes by.
  26. I don’t get easily attached to a person.
  27. I love psychology and sociology
  28. I usually cook my own food. My folks (both Chefs) taught me.
  29. I am a homebody! I’d rather stay at home than to go out. 
  30. I went on an audition for a tv soap opera when I was 9.
  31. People tell me that I like argumenting and arguments.
  32. Simang and Banining are my home nicknames
  33. I’m such a granny. I like anything old. 1950’s is my year.
  34. I’ve went to lots of beaches and island hopping, but I just don’t like feeling the beach. I don’t like how sand goes in my feet, how salty the water taste and all that jizz.
  35. I’m a big fan of lifestyle, cooking and reality shows.
  36. Anything ice cold is my bestfriend.
  37. Pluviophile! I love how the raindrops crash to the roof, the gloomy sky and weather. I love everything about rain.
  38. I was never a pet owner. (I was always a scared cat.) But when Buchay (Regodon’s fam dog) came along, I learned how to love pets and be pet-ty and all that.
  39. Yellow and Burgundy is my favorite color.
  40. I have a barkada relationship with my parents.
  41. Pasta is my comfort food.

  42. I’m not into modern songs, I’m into old jazz and blues, and slow songs.

  43. I don’t eat pork, ever.

  44. I’m not a needy type of person.

  45. I collect magazines as a kid. 
  46. I sold stickers and Divisoria keychains to my classmates in grade school. 
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